Discipleship Groups

Making Disciples as Jesus Made Disciples

Perhaps one of the most beneficial ways for a person to grow in maturity in Christ is to walk with another believer. Jesus modeled this as He walked with His disciples for three years, traveling from town to town and showing them what it meant to live a Godly life. At ECC we desire to make disciples as Jesus made disciples. This happens through regular meetings of Christ centered study of His word, prayer, accountability, encouragement and living life together.

HEAR Journal

What's Next?

Please contact Brad Wingler if you would like to be involved with others in personal discipleship.

A great book to get started is "Growing Up" by Robby Gallaty. In this book Robby details and casts vision for D-Groups and lays out a plan to make this part of your life as a follower of Christ. The Growing Up Challenge is a great resource and pay particular note of the Appendices page that offers some great building blocks for each D-Group.