Membership Process

Prospective member,

Thanks for looking in to more information about the membership process at ECC. We like to think of becoming a member as more of a "process" than a meeting or class. The process includes an interview form to be filled out, turned in and then from that form will be a meeting with at least one of our elder team to answer any questions or clarify anything from the interview form. There will be a class that is about three weeks in length where we will share the story, mission and vision of ECC, as well as share meals and answer questions. After the interview and class are completed there is a recognition in front of the church where we celebrate the joining of the church in front of God's people. If you are interested in being part of the faith family at ECC the elder team would love to have you fill out a membership interview form by contacting us and then we will start the process together as we aim to jointly love God, love others, and make disciples in our community.

If you are interested in going through the membership process at ECC please contact us at to sign up for the next class!

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